The objective of the research is:

·     For students to explore the theme from their own perspective.

·     For students to narrow down the theme to an aspect they want to 'ideate' on.

·     For students to learn more about the context of the theme and to discover facts and information.

·     For students to learn more about the inventions done and technologies in used in the theme area.

Depending on the time available the teacher can advise how deep the research can go.
With all our Research worksheets, children can work alone or in pairs. They are led by questions, to investigate a problem or a theme further.
The worksheet is designed to be playful, there are no wrong answers.
In principal work sheets are independent of the theme and can be used within different themes or projects.

On this page you can download the Research worksheets for the students.
They are pdf files which you can print out and fill in with pencils or markers.


Interview worksheets:

The user interview is a typical design thinking tool. It's logical if you are designing something for a particular person or group of people to interview them and ask for their opinions and experiences.
Using this tool children will learn:

·     How to conduct an interview

·     Gain understanding of the importance of asking people for their opinions and ideas.

·     How to use the gathered information

·     As an advanced learning goal, children can devise their own interview questions, in the beginning they can use the set questions.


Empathy Worksheets:

The Empathy worksheet is a powerful tool with which you can place yourself in the shoes of another person, children too.  It often reveals insights and perspectives you hadn't thought of before.

Using this tool children will learn:

·     To place themselves in another persons shoes

·     To reflect on what they already know about a person or group of people

·     That there is always another way of seeing things

·     That they now have a tool for exploring other ways of being in the world.

How to use the Empathy Worksheets:
The sheets are largely self-explanatory.
You can help the child or group of children working on the sheet by making sure they have a clear person or group of people chosen for whom they are doing the worksheet for.
You can assist the children if they have trouble getting started by giving some suggestions for the type of answers, they are looking for.
Remember, there are no wrong answers.