Ideation Worksheets:
With all the Idea worksheets, children can work alone or in pairs. They are led by questions, to select a problem they would like to tackle.
They look at that problem from their own knowledge of the situation and step by step work towards ideating a solution. The worksheet is designed to be playful, there are no wrong answers. The aim is to get to the heart of the matter according to the child. Here you can download the Idea worksheets for the students. They are pdf files which you can print out and fill in with pencils or markers.
If you need it, you can use the Idea worksheet Guidelines, on how to guide the students while working.

The objective of the third step: ideate is for:
• Students to practice creative thinking.
• Students to come up with an idea or invention which helps solve the chosen problem.

City Mobility Idea Canvas
This sheet is specifically for developing ideas around mobility in the city.

A Robot for my City Idea Canvas
This sheet is specifically focused on Robots and can be used for any problem type in a city.

City Idea (general theme use)
This sheet can be used for any theme in a city, this theme will presumably have been set by the facilitator or teacher.
the form of the invention is also open. These sheets are available in a number of languages as hey were used for the Global Designathon.

City Idea (NL)


Time Travel Machine Design
For the ideation process for the Time travel process you and your students can use this design sheet.

Tijdsreismachine Ontwerp Blad (nederlands)